location: crown point, IN

This boudoir photoshoot is a little different…

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As a photographer I am often finding inspiration by thinking “What are perspectives we missing?” or “What are we just not seeing?” from a certain situation. I started asking these questions regarding weddings and I thought about that time at the end of the day, after everything is all said and done and the newlyweds are finally alone.

This is definitely a shoot that all married couples should have. Whether you’re making new memories and planning your wedding now or reliving previously treasured ones.

You can also book a photoshoot for your upcoming anniversary and give your wedding dresses/suits another day of life.

This shoot is telling the story of how after all the craziness of the day, after all of the staged moments and obligations, two people in love finally get a true moment to themselves. There’s a beautiful and raw level of intimacy in these moments that just deserve to be captured and appreciated.

And the story unfolds…

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