Hi. I'm Bridgid-Ryan.

I am here to collaborate with you in crafting one-of-a-kind, personalized works of art. I firmly believe that each individual possesses inherent beauty and a unique narrative to share, as well as a spectrum of emotions waiting to be expressed. By intertwining your personal story with my creative vision, I strive to create visual masterpieces that authentically convey the essence of who you are.

Each of your photoshoots will have a custom aesthetic by harnessing the power of color theory, cultivating a sense of drama, and accentuating your unique personality. This is why most of my photoshoots are unlike any of my others. I adapt my personal style of dreamy atmospheric lighting and vibrant colors to the specific mood and look of your photo shoot. I also carry this approach over when photographing weddings and other formal events, such as quinceaneras.

Your Essence + My Creative Vision = Unique Works Of Art

My artistic vision draws significant inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including editorials, fine art paintings, awe-inspiring landscapes, captivating cinematography, and the timeless allure of film photography. These influences heavily shape and enrich my creative process.

I love to build creative sets and work out of my personal home studio, but I am also a sucker for a good beach shoot.

My goal for each photo shoot is to create beautiful works of art that will not only look amazing digitally but printed as well.

I am heavily influenced and inspired by editorials, fine art paintings, landscapes, cinematography, and film photography.


“Bridgid was so amazing to work with! She was super accommodating with the scheduling and working around the rainstorm for our outdoor session. It was easy and smooth collaborating together on my artistic vision, and she just totally got me. She is talented, funny, comfortable to be around, and a total visionary. I highly recommend her, and will likely work with her again myself!”

Racheal V.