"OMG 😱 These photos are amazing!!! Thank you so much ❤️"

As if throwing the leaves around and seeing the kids have so much fun taking photos wasn't enough of a reward -- getting that text from one of the moms of the kids I had in my studio and seeing the printed photos on their walls sealed the deal for me. I absolutely love fall minis.

Normally, I would do fall photos outside to capture the natural fall scenery happening in nature but this year the weather was incredibly unpredictable and it seemed like it was hard to gauge when the leaves would be those beautiful reds and golds that everyone loves to have in their photos.

Rather than dealing with the ever-changing Chicagoland weather, risking re-scheduling, and worrying about the little ones getting in mud (because we were getting a lot of rain) I decided to do studio fall minis instead. I have to say I think I will stick with the studio for fall minis from now on becuase what a difference it made!

Everyone was comfy and cozy, we didn't have to worry about cold noses and red cheeks. Everyone was dressed their best and kept clean; no mud on those cute dresses and slacks! And possibly the best part was that the parents could relax and didn't have to worry about chasing the little ones all over an open field or park.

Win. Win. Win.

Here's the set. Now let's see how the pictures turned out!

Click on an image for a full uncropped view

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